At 2 540 metres high, Compassberg mountain offers walkers and hikers a variety of opportunities and degrees of difficulty. All routes lead to the top of the mountain which affords a spectacular view down the Nieu Bethesda valley. Allow two to three hours for the climb, plus about 45 minutes travelling time to drive to the base of the mountain. Sudden weather changes mean walkers should be equipped for extreme cold as they ascend. As there is neither shade nor water, adequate sun protection and drinking water must be carried. Climbing Compassberg is a memorable Karoo experience.


Canyon Walk

Just a few kilometres from Nieu Bethesda, a beautiful river canyon runs from Ganora Farm to De Toren. Hiking the half-day trail is an opportunity to make close contact with the Karoo at its best. The canyon is home to nesting Black Eagles, otters, tortoises, a variety of buck and many birds. As much of the walk runs beside a water furrow, sweet drinking water is plentiful. After good rains, it is possible (if not irresistible) to swim in natural pools. The canyon is on privately owned land – your place of accommodation can help you contact the owner for permission to walk.


For an unbeatable day of authentic Karoo splendour, charter Jakob’s Guided Donkey Cart Tours to transport you to Ganora Farm, enjoy the fossil and rock art tours on the farm, then walk back to Nieu Bethesda along the canyon.


Water Furrow Walk

Spend half a day following the furrow system from the outskirts of Nieu Bethesda up to the source of the town’s supply of agricultural water – the natural spring that has never dried up since it was discovered hundreds of years ago. There is ample of evidence of otters and it is not unusual to startle a buck out of its daytime reverie. The fresh water that flows the length of this walk is refreshing to drink. The trail passes through the edge of municipal commonage known as Beervlei, now conserved for the environmental benefit of the valley.

More information and directions for this walk can be provided by your place of accommodation

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